At the heart of The Friendship Force organization are club exchanges. During a club
exchange, club members, or "ambassadors," visit a club in a different country, usually
staying in homes, and develop friendships and understanding of the other culture
through the experience.

Ambassadors for an Outbound Exchange travel to and from the host city where up to
seven nights of home hosting and special activities are provided by the local club.
There are usually options for additional home hosting in a different city within the same
country, home hosting in a nearby country, or additional travel as a group or as an
individual. Ambassadors are expected to be flexible, open to experiences with a
different culture, and to reflect well on themselves and their country..

Home Hosts for an Inbound Exchange provide lodging in their homes for inbound
ambassadors. The facilities offered by a home host are matched to the needs of the
ambassador group, and typically are for one to three persons. Host families include
their ambassadors in the activities of their daily lives as well as activities designed to
introduce the ambassadors to life in our Valley Area.


INBOUND Brasnov, Romanian ambassadors 3-4 day stopover
Greater Hamilton-Burlington, Canada
DOMESTIC INBOUND Spokane , Washington March 23-29
Richard Meuller 608 695 4523


Orlando, FL                                                                                             


Happy Facesbr>A rainy night at the Maracana
soccor stadium.  Our
ambassadors on a Brazil
exchange in June 08

Cornwall exchange Nov 2008 ED's Farewells